Tyre, dedicated to the Great Patriotic War

Remember the childhood, it was great to shoot in the old dash when the old man in horn-rimmed glasses slowly counted ten bullets, and each was worth its weight in gold! Old Izhevsk pneumatic nice chilled cheek, and his father watched with respect, when you get beat 10-ku.
Tyra and now there is. However, there is more shooting at beer cans, but for cigarettes. Among the prizes wine and scary toys. This firing is unlikely - you will leave a mark in the patriotic education of our children. The guys decided to make this shooting, which will be able to awaken the boy interested in military affairs, the history of the Great Patriotic War, to the heroism of our grandfathers.

Tyre will be made of wood. The basis of the appearance of the image of the front of the dugout lie. The first sketches.

Tortsuem board template. Preparing to make panels for forming the walls of Tyre.

Frame fastening screws.

Here it is necessary not to forget to check the diagonal panel. We want the walls were straight.

Are processed by machine. Wood - a living material, it is necessary to adjust everything exactly.

In the frame fasten trim. "Golden" screws, as opposed to black, do not cleave dry timber.

Two layers of impregnating wood. Color "tick." Apply best roller. Brush chore, and for the sprayer you need a separate room.

Plywood cut out stars. Beautiful. Fixed on one target.

Of birch wood napilivaem "pancakes". They will decorate the shields. We will try to achieve visibility "rolling" in the dugout.

Pancakes with lacquer paint. Top camouflage netting. Dugout should be masked.

The plywood jigsaw Scrollsaw "shooting gallery". It was possible to give advertisers, they would be on plastics made for 5 seconds. Refused. Not really it.

Under plywood fastened LED tape. The red light illuminates the wooden block, one can see the letters.

Well, except maybe something better than wood?

Meanwhile, sticking posters on billboards military during World.

Weapons can be placed on billboards. He came up, picked at the same time read a daily newspaper front-line of those years. Oh, and we toasted our German!

General view of the finished walls of Tyre. Weapons pick up and carry away in a shooting gallery.

Familiar electronics in our terms of reference soldered board. It is the brains of Tyre. They control the movement of the target. My childhood dream come true. Almost all of the target at the shooting range - move.

We found in the city of the machine, which according to our drawings cut target. Thickness - 3 mm, so as not bent from the bullets. Targets made as close to the original German.

Comrade busy terminals. Before us, in these walls some advertisers were. Here and there are found here such characters.

Plywood table do. We cover the ship's lacquer. On the edge of the table canvas sandbags. Thoroughly prepare for the defense of the motherland boundaries.

These are the gashes in the table make it possible to comfortably accommodate the butt of a gun.

The table makes a small composition. This is to ensure that the boys have any questions about the nature of these things, and what they needed fighter.

Bowler, photos from the war. In the background, a fragment of the plan of the Belarusian offensive operation "Bagration" - large-scale offensive of World War II (1944.)

Appearance of Tyre. Around our den. Later svozhu you on a tour.

Inside we made a panorama of military action. The picture moves from the back wall portion. This can be seen on the river, which will boost our troops. Fascists harness villages come by land, air or water. The task of our young shooters - to bring down the attack of the enemy and crush the aggressor.

The whole panorama painted with the talented artist that was found on freelancing online. To advise on what technique used at the time. Picks colors.

Figure made in the style of a little child, that our eyes do not hurt the patsanyata.

Artillery Wehrmacht.

Our responsible. Here, people do not see, as the composition of the gun is in the background.

Katyusha dismantle the enemy of squares

Vasily Terkin approves!

Our self-propelled guns and 34 RCTs in the attack.

Mother and son believe in the victory.


Attack from the air

And look, our target. The airship is not so easy to knock down. It is necessary to turn to get into the ring and each silhouette. The bullet flies through.

Planes are flying around. This is the most difficult target. Airship in the background - the easiest.

Branch of the fascist soldiers. There need a sniper.

Tiger moving towards our positions.

On the water attacks the German boat. Also in the motion. The task - to bring down an enemy ship.

The infantry of the enemy. In the hands of a hand grenade M-24.

Test the drop target.



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