The biggest in the history of the space telescope has received the last three mirrors

The project to create the James Webb Space Telescope (James Webb Space Telescope) is one of the most ambitious and, accordingly, one of the most expensive in the history of space science. Thus, the total cost of the telescope, which will be put into operation in 2018, is 8, 8 billion US dollars.

new telescope is far superior in features of its predecessors, including the Hubble. So, the other day, this telescope has received the last three mirrors.

It is worth noting that the telescope is not one big mirror, and the system of the 18 hexagonal mirror elements. This system is ready and is in a sterile storage at Goddard.

The overall diameter of the system after assembly will be 6, 5 meters, and will manage the entire computer, directing each of the mirrors to the desired position to adjust the clear focus of the device. The weight of each mirror - 20 pounds, and the whole system works in the infrared.

In addition to mirrors, in Goddard arrived and an infrared camera, which is charged with the task of observing the most distant stars and galaxies in the visible universe. Observations will be held at 1, 5 million kilometers from Earth. Scientists have come up with an interesting protection against infrared radiation of the Sun. - a special tent, which will be revealed on arrival at the destination device.

Cost and technical requirements of the project are so high that the system creates just three space agencies - NASA (USA), ESA (Europe), CSA (Canada). Here's a video with some details of the project:

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