How to develop cerebral hemisphere?

Here are all accustomed to the fact that it is necessary to develop memory, attention, intelligence, improve your body. But somehow at the same time few people pay attention to the brain itself, from which the development of all of this, and in most cases depends. Even the body to develop and improve not be doing if you do not mind a good tune and do not think about how to approach the work on the body.

It is well known that the brain consists of two parts: the left and right. They are engaged in a variety of activities. And while someone works better left-hand side, someone has the right, while the happiest both. Win, of course, the latter using his wealth as much as possible.

The left hemisphere thinks logically. Rules help to create a new, generate ideas, as they say now. However, it can be a mathematician with a well-developed left brain and thus not invent anything new. And you can be a creator and pour ideas left and right, and neither one of them is not implemented because of the inconsistency and irrationality of his actions. Such people also occur. And it lacks only one thing: work on improving your brain, bringing it into a state of harmony.

Meanwhile, psycho-physiologists have long developed a system of exercises for this. Well in this respect, musicians, such as pianists. Their early childhood have done harmonious. After all, the most important tool for the development of the brain - it's hands. Acting with both hands, one develops both hemispheres.

So, move on to the exercises. Many of them are well known to us from childhood.
1. "The ear-nose". Left hand undertake to the tip of the nose, and the right - for the opposite ear, ie left. At the same time release the ear and nose, clap your hands, change the position of the hands "is exactly the opposite." I tried, as a child turned out better.
2. "The Mirror painting." Put on the table blank sheet of paper, take a pencil. Draw with both hands simultaneously mirror-symmetrical drawings, letters. When performing this exercise you should feel relaxed eyes and hands, because during simultaneous operation of both hemispheres improves the efficiency of the whole brain.
3. "The Ring." Alternately and quickly fingered hands, connecting into the ring with the thumb index, middle, ring, pinky. First, you can each hand separately, and then both hands simultaneously.

Now let us remember the lessons of Physical Education. No wonder we were forced to do the exercises in which it was necessary to get the left hand to right foot and vice versa. They're also developing our hemisphere, and help them to work in harmony.

Remarkably helps develop brain hemisphere neurolinguistic programming, NLP for short. I liked one of the NLP technique called "Ambulance».

It helps to relieve emotional stress, improves efficiency, develops attention, thinking and interhemispheric communication. This exercise is difficult and at the same time interesting.


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