22 secrets of effective sales:

1. Sales - is, above all, communication.

2. At the root of successful sales is a good mood.

3. Buy is not a commodity, and the information about it.

4. The seller becomes experienced after 1000 sales.

5. Successful seller sells goods with positive emotions.

6. You can not sell something that you hate.

7. Successful dealer ensures that the client has received the benefit.

8. Trust to you more if you're not just the seller, but also a manufacturer.

9. You should know all the pros and cons of all their goods.

10. Sales Performance depends on knowledge of the consumer.

11. The new product is always more difficult to sell.

12. Learn the most successful sellers in its category.

13. The product should meet the needs of the buyer.

14. The winner is the one who makes the goods available to the masses.

15. Basic earnings can go for related products.

16. The key to success - the popularity of the product from famous people.

17. For the customer it is important that after the sale you have not thrown.

18. Few people can be distinguished from the usual expensive cognac.

19. Point of Sale must be in the core consumer.

20. Point of Sale shall correspond to the status of the consumer.

21. In sales involving all employees.

22. Successful sales - the success of any company.


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