Predictions for 2014

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the most outrageous predictions for 2014 that may come true this year. The war in 2014

Influential American Foreign Policy magazine published its forecast for "military conflicts that threaten global stability." The main hot spots - Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Bangladesh, Central African Republic, Afghanistan. The list also affect the North Caucasus, in particular - Sochi. In February of this year in Russia will be the most expensive in the history of the Olympic Games. But the main problem is that they are expensive, and security in the North Caucasus, where the currently unfolding conflict. Unprecedented security measures can only worsen the situation, experts say. According to the statements of many analysts, immediately after the Olympics, the Russian government may begin active military campaign in the Caucasus, the consequence of which could be a major conflict.

Chaos in Europe

An expert from the Danish Saxo Bank, which is specialized in forecasts, the European Union promises to sunset in 2014, which is comparable in scale to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Another round of problems, according to bankers, could begin in May, when after the elections to the European Parliament will come to power most of the so-called eurosceptics. This problem in Europe is not over: analysts say that the richest country in Europe, Germany, in 2014, expects the economic collapse and the growth of the internal political crisis in Germany. Not too well economically and have neighboring France and faraway Japan. It also awaits the Russian Federation, as the Danish analysts predict decline in oil prices, and oil in our time - this is the main source of income in Russia. Of course, these forecasts are too exaggerated, but they have some truth.

An independent Scotland

In May 2014 the UK will host the planned referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. Former Secretary of State George Robertson expects the split in Europe if the Scots will vote for their freedom. Experts say that the "salvation" of Scotland with much would undermine the balance of power in the world and would cause a chain of such claims sovereignty: the Catalans and the Basques in Spain, too, would require independence, Walloons in Belgium, residents of Quebec in Canada. However, according to opinion polls, still get rid of the British Crown wanted to only 30% of Scots, so most likely it will not happen.

Order in Russia

A more favorable for Russia following forecasts. Famous Egyptian soothsayer Joy Ayad today, perhaps the most successful clairvoyant. It accurately predicted the "Arab Spring", the conflict in Syria, and even that will snow in Cairo. Good news - Eyyad claims that in 2014 will not start World War III. However, the expected global disasters, which mainly hit the United States. If you believe the prophecies of the Ayad, the United States expects just a "natural apocalypse." Incidentally, with respect to the prediction of Joy unprecedented "Siberian" cold North America come true. As for Russia, the outlook is very favorable - the country will return to its previous influence in the world, and even initiates the creation of a new independent currency.

Artificial intelligence

The famous American futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted that in 2014 the power of a supercomputer reaches the capacity of the human brain, and virtual reality will deceive not only the eyes and ears, but also all the other senses. The bad news - the fact that in 2014 the artificial intelligence still can not compete with the human mind: Kurzweil made his prediction in 2006, but then it looked much more optimistic. But not all that bad. IBM recently announced that it will invest in a "review" of its supercomputer Watson 1 billion. This machine is equipped with artificial intelligence and has already confirmed his high IQ. IBM promises that in 2014 the wiser supercomputers will be used extensively in medicine and science. And most importantly, it is scheduled to open access to a supercomputer for computer programmers, so they can use artificial intelligence to create programs.

Increased ocean

Global warming will cause sea-level rise that would occur in 2014. Many large cities in the world, located near the sea, may be at risk, including St. Petersburg, Venice and New York. Climate change will cause numerous typhoons and tsunami that could strike the coast of Asia. But this prediction should be treated cautiously, as they say about it every year, and not only soothsayers, and numerous scientists. However, it was already shown that a sharp rise in sea level will not occur.

Diseases population growth

A separate item factor out such predictions that speak of diseases and viruses that can destroy half the world's population. For example, some broadcast on the new avian influenza virus, which would be extremely dangerous to humans. It is hardly worth believe such words, because the previous "epidemic" of the virus for most people were generally unnoticed, unlike more recent diseases such as cancer. Some say the abnormal growth of the world population, but it is also predictable. In any case, regardless of any predictions of the future of man is always in its own hands.



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