Forecasts for 2014

New Year holidays over, it is time to be included in the life of 2014. Let's start with the main shtudirovaniya annual forecasts - some of them well-removed from the postprazdnichnoy lethargy.

WAR IN 2014
Influential American Foreign Policy magazine has published its forecast of "military conflicts that threaten global stability." The main hot spots - Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Bangladesh, Central African Republic, Afghanistan. The list of "potential deadly conflicts" and hit the North Caucasus, to be exact - Sochi. Here's what the experts say Foreign Policy: «In February of this year in Russia will be the most expensive in the history of the Olympics. But the main problem is not the most expensive, and in security, because very close, in the North Caucasus, the most active unfolding of going at the moment in Europe conflict. Unprecedented security measures can only worsen the situation. " This forecast influential publications can be seen opaque hints for politicians and fans are going to support their athletes and for the athletes - participants. Some political experts have stated that the forecast for Foreign Policy is more like a "horror story" for tourists, rather than responsible analysis of the situation.

Experts of the Danish bank Saxo Bank, which specializes in "shocking forecasts", promised in 2014 sunset of the European Union, which is compared with the Soviet Union. Another round of problems, according to bankers, could begin in May, when the election to the European Parliament will receive the majority of the so-called eurosceptics. This problem Europe has run out: according to analysts Saxo Bank, the richest country in Europe, Germany, in 2014, expects the economic collapse, which will be called "the fall in energy prices in the US", decrease the competitiveness of German goods amid rising real wages, the internal political crisis in Germany, as well as "China's decision to focus on domestic consumption." Not be good, in economic terms, and neighboring France and faraway Japan. That would be with the Russian Federation, Saxo Bank is silent, but based on indirect evidence, we can conclude that nothing good can be expected - Danish analysts predict decline in oil prices, and oil in our time - the blood of Russia.

Scottish independence
In May 2014 this proud in the UK is planned to hold a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. Former Secretary of State of NATO George Robertson predicts "rebalkanizatsiyu" of Europe, if the Scots vote for freedom. Experts say that the "escape" Scotland "unsinkable aircraft carrier" would undermine the balance of power in the world and cause a "parade of sovereignties": the Catalans and Basques in Spain would be uncomfortable, Walloons - in Belgium, residents of Quebec - Canada. However, according to polls, is to get rid of the British Crown wants only 30% of Scots, so maybe all right.

The famous Egyptian prophetess Joy Ayad today, perhaps, is the most fortunate clairvoyant. It accurately predicted the "Arab Spring", the conflict in Syria, and even that Cairo will be snow, so its forecasts are closely even politicians. The good news - Ayad states that in 2014 will not start World War III. True, the world is waiting for natural disasters, which primarily hit the United States. If you believe the prophecies of the Egyptian, the United States expects to literally "natural apocalypse." By the way, the forecast has become clairvoyant to come true - in North America, established unprecedented "Siberian" cold. As for Russia, then Joey Iyad gives extremely positive forecast - we will return its former influence in the world and even become "initiated the creation of a new independent currency." However, this prediction Egyptian clairvoyant shared only with journalists of Russian media.

Artificial intelligence wiser
The famous American futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted that in 2014 the power of a supercomputer to reach the power of the human brain, and virtual reality will be "cheating" is not only the eyes and ears, and all the other senses. The bad news is that in 2014, artificial intelligence still can not compete with the human mind: Kurzweil made his prediction in 2006, and then it looked much more optimistic. But it is not all that bad. IBM has announced the other day that he was going to invest in a "revision" of its supercomputer Watson 1 billion. Dollars. This machine is equipped with artificial intelligence, has already confirmed his high IQ, winning the TV show Jeopardy (Russian equivalent - "Custom Game"). Already, Watson is able to recognize the meaning of human speech, including obscene language. However, engineers complain that slang does not improve the supercomputer, which starts uncontrollably offensive play. IBM promises that in 2014 Watson wiser, and will actively be used in medicine and science. And most importantly, this year scheduled to open public access to a supercomputer - is only for programmers, developers are able to use artificial intelligence to create programs.

Developers gadgets are not planning to artificial intelligence to infect mobile phones and tablets, but also prepared a surprise for us. So, according to experts, 2014 will be a year of so-called wearable devices (handheld devices). According to futurists, electronic accessories in the near future will be prescribed in our wardrobe. Smart clock, replacing the phone, fitness bracelets with cardiometry and monitor sleep, attached to the head of 4-to-camera, which will be like a road registrars to record every step in the near future will begin to displace the "iPhone" and "iPods".

In matters of sport it is usually taken not listen clairvoyants and bookmakers. Influential British bookmaker William Hill, for example, is skeptical about the possibility of the Russian national team at the tournament, and taking bets on her victory with a coefficient of 67.00 (less than a team of Chile). To compare rates on the favorites - Brazil squad - take a factor of 4.00). It remains to be happy that our team put much more profitable - the rate of 1000 rubles will bring as many as 67,000 rubles.



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