Chernobyl Zone

This is a very controversial statement. On the one hand such unethical activities in relation to the former residents of the Zone, but on the other hand, we are blown into abandoned the spirit of new life. Anyway, this new year, I met with friends in the well-known all over the world dead city Pripyat. I'll start from the beginning. On 29 December. One by one break for a long time in advance plans. Apathy, boredom and dullness. I have more than 5 years do not drink, and the problem of celebrating the New Year, "to remember" is very important. The meeting in 2013, for example, simply overslept. The meeting in 2014 apparently did not promise fun again. Eat salad, stuffing his cheeks with sweets, go to the roof and see the fireworks on the side. Discouragement. And then, brother pushes flown away the idea of ​​"A ka went to Pripyat." My first thought: "It's cold. The empty concrete high-rise buildings even colder than outside. Again wet feet again discomfort and hiking mud. New go! »
December 30th. At the last moment a desperate team added another man. So the four of us. Purchase of products in Auchan, meeting at the familiar bus, tickets are usually accustomed to a weak heady excitement of the campaign THERE ...
22: 00 safely crossed the perimeter of the exclusion zone, the first village of the dead plaintive meets us, conjures up horror wolf howling. Waking up after a few seconds after a strong injection of adrenaline to note: "How great something well?" Yes, it's crazy. Vyberaem on the road ... to describe in detail the route will not, I'll start with the first night ...


The first point. Holiday village "Buryakivka" on the site abandoned glands Vilcha-Janov. As soon as dawn broke, I went and grabbed SLR fotkat sprinkled with frost zone ...


We spent the night in the attic of a small country house in summer it must be very comfortable ... but in the winter, though even a little snow, we pretty chilled ...


Doubar was hefty. Poured into a metal cup water, almost immediately grab ice ...


Silent Buryakivka


But time is running out ... we leave. The clock 14: 00, according to our calculations, in 20 00, we should already be in Pripyat.


We went out on a piece of metal. This site is relatively convenient to passable. Without adventure get to the city ...
It makes no sense to describe the dull monotony of the way of 10 kilometers of railroad tracks. Lots of snow, turned into a strong infusion, well and water drawn from the swamp, wild smashing hydrogen sulfide. Even after filtering legendary Aquaphor.


We got everything according to plan. In the city park, near the plant Jupiter pulled kutsenkuyu Christmas tree, which is found in Pripyat dressed as Christmas decorations. And what is the New Year's Eve without eating?


For the comfort pinned on windows blackout and lit candles ... Slowly, in a cast-quarters of a century ago the home, began to penetrate the magic atmosphere of Christmas ...


We set the table ... crab sticks, tangerine, chocolate. The boys dragged a liter of rum, I was a liter of apple juice for yourself)


They took some home video greetings to friends and family, and loudly congratulated each other, in spite of the ephemeral opportunity bedrooms. By the way, the apartment, police have detained stalkers few months ago. But Magic New Year's Eve may be the protocol!


Brother Vadim background on favorite characters from the movie notorious Svetlana Baskova "Green elephant».
I know it's a movie with the year 2008, and wonders why people came up just now, and the Internet such a mass hysteria.


URAAAA !!! Happy New Year !!!
TOVARISCHIIIII In Pripyat, contrary to expectations, we met no one from stalkers.


Opohmelnym early in the morning, on January 1 of the year of fresh, thinned per person expedition stalkers popped up on the streets of Pripyat. Our comrade bravely coped with the serious consequences caused by alcohol intoxication as a consequence of triumph.


We went to school, frolic ...


Adopt a local child, and left the New Year's greetings in a makeshift log visits to tourist areas


Poboleli for the local football team!


And, of course, we visited all the Local button accordions. Fortunately 1 January patrols did not exist, and the whole town was in our possession


Excursions, contrary to the organizers, as was observed


The only thing missing - a sun


Clippers. The number of photographs taken here in the figure is probably in the hundreds of terabytes ...


Send rufit "stamp shestnari." Well, where without it ... Pripyat frost looked truly fantastic ...


Vadim inspects their possessions


Imposingly sat at a table, smoked "Havana» ​​


Later they moved into the second mikrorayon- "mikrahu» ...


The lads decided to simulate Pripyat gopov ... If it were not for the evacuation, they would of course there were carried out! As in any provincial town of the former Soviet Union, there is nothing to prevaricate ...


"Pripyat hangover»


"Mom, why did I come here!" Back to walk about 40 kilometers.


"You are welcome to our hut!» © K / F "Lawlessness»


Furious, Vadim tries in vain to congratulate the family on holidays, through long-distance telephone line ...


Children gray day. Despite the ironic and playful style of the report, this photo robust design brings sadness ...


We leave Pripyat ...
Needless to condemn stalkers, is the only of the living future of this city. No commercial buses and loud slogans, without removal of all that stay here ... no idea about the explosion of houses and open-air museum. Stalkers - people who really love this ailing earth, come here at your own risk ... in silence to reflect on the eternal


On the return pipe visited the "Circle»


Antennas "Circle»


They spend the night with red-hot stoves, in a place very familiar to all stalkers ... and moved into the good way home. In the world of advertising and bustle.


This new year will be remembered for a lifetime.
All the holiday.
All the best to everyone.




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