Afterworld endgame

Chinese people killed neighbor before committing suicide. A man attacked a fellow because he did not want to stay in the afterlife without a partner for a game of chess. This writes the Shanghai Daily on Wednesday, December 25th.
When it was a murder and the subsequent suicide, is not specified. It is known that the body of a suicide, 54-year-old man surnamed Liao, and his 57-year-old neighbor had found a woman who rented a house last. She came to the apartment in the urban district of Jinhua and found the dead men.

Liao killed a neighbor in the same room, and suicide - in the other. The woman immediately called to the police. Law enforcement agencies have found next to the corpse of a suicide two suicide notes (in one he mentioned his fear of loneliness after the death and pointed out that the neighbor will be to keep him company for chess) and tablets.

How exactly was killed neighbor Liao unknown. On the neck of the men were found abrasions. Perhaps Liao strangled his friend. How long did acquaintance neighbors before they both died is unknown. Also not reported when they are buried.

Many Chinese people believe in an afterlife, that relate to its "organization" very carefully.
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