The main benefits you get opening your business in the Netherlands

It is believed that opening a business in central and Western Europe is long, expensive and difficult. However, in recent years, the Netherlands proved that it is not true. The continuing uncertainty about Britain's future relationship with the European Union is forcing companies to take new decisions. Germany, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium — all have been campaigning for Brexit refugees since the referendum and have had good success in a number of sectors. And now the Netherlands officially belong to the Brexit profiteers. Many companies take a decision to take business address Netherlands and get a maximum of benefits from it.

The main reason to open a business in the Netherlands

When talking about the company formation Netherlands, several reasons to choose this direction for business should be mentioned.

Netherlands economic stability

There is a lot to say about economic stability in the Netherlands: the country takes the 10th place the ranking of the richest countries in the world. There is one of the lowest unemployment levels in Europe is 6% there, and the state’s geopolitical position allows businessmen to maintain trade and partnerships with most European countries. In the Netherlands, the logistics system is developed at the highest level: the country is the leader in the water logistics market.

Low taxes

Startups choose Holland for doing business because of low tax rates, ease of registration and a variety of options for financial support from the state and private companies. Long-term startup visas are also an important reason to open a business in the Netherlands.

Promising areas

First of all, Holland is known as the largest supplier of flower products, vegetables, and fruits. Therefore, startups in the agricultural sector will be successful. Do not forget about its contribution to electronics and technology: Phillips has been a leader for many years. New suppliers of electronics, computer software, software, high technology have every chance to reach the world level from the Netherlands. You can also pay attention to the positive experience of the well-known aggregator site and try your hand at the Internet sphere — this type of business receives great support from all kinds of investors and business incubators. Other popular areas for start-ups in the Netherlands are:
  • Food trade;
  • Logistics;
  • The chemical and medical industries;
  • The production of alcohol and tobacco (for the alcohol and tobacco business, you will need special licenses that can be obtained from the Ministry of Economics).
The new business gives real opportunities to foreign entrepreneurs to live and work in the Netherlands.

Taxes and registration

Starting, and most importantly, maintaining your business in the Netherlands is inexpensive and easy. The country's legislation in the field of taxation and trade is fully conducive to a successful business. So, the VAT tax is 19% (reduced rate — 6% for enterprises in the field of pharmaceuticals, food products, and print media), corporate income tax — 25%, dividend tax — 15%, income tax — 8.4%. The corporate income tax and royalty income tax are 0%. In addition, entrepreneurs who have opened a company in the Netherlands can take advantage of reduced lending rates from state-owned banks. However, when you contact specialists, you will get the detailed explanation about the benefits you get opening business in the country with great possibilities.
The authorized capital for each form of business ownership in the Netherlands is at least 18 thousand euros. This amount, in whole or in part, may consist of the founders ’own funds or investments. In the first year of operation, the company is allowed to contribute 20% of the total amount.

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