Runet 2013

Universal Wide Web reacts quickly to the slightest change in his life, so that you can trace the events of the outgoing year and moods through popular memes. I suggest to you the story of memes that have emerged in the past year. Chelyabinsk meteorite

Earlier this year, in the Chelyabinsk meteorite fell. The event immediately became a meme: fotozhaby replicated, jokes about Russian mail delivery speed and simply recording video recorders. The image even appeared in the foreign advertising of water, and generally left an imprint on the network.

Your face when

The frame appears in the film "The Avengers" in the 56 minute, expressive facial expressions Robert Downey Jr. took her - meme sold on the network.


There are several versions of the emergence of this meme, but true schiatete story about the guy who sent this picture with lemurs his girlfriend when she was nervous. So meme "went to the people" and became a trend: there were groups of fans and numerous images of nasal lemur, which tells something uzbagoidelnoe.

Tony Stark

Mem unconditional victory and success!

Hopelessness and decay

Dull gray image of hopelessness have become very popular in the spring of this year. There was a variety of options: a mood suitable for almost any event, many famous people and films have become the heroes of this meme. You could even draw his Vkontakte page in this style, and appeared Tlenogram application which allows you to add decay at all your photos.

Twine Van Damme

Infomercial Volvo's well-known actor, performing splits, spawned a huge number of parodies how fotozhab and performances in real life.

Leonid Abramovich upset

Meme appeared in May of satellite TV advertising, then a lot of people do not want to upset Jakubowicz.

Neubivaemy Pechkin

Despite the fact that the meme has appeared recently, he managed to quickly disperse in multiple variants. And some users are so tired that spawned a meme recursive Pechkin.

Chef Gordon Ramsay

Severe leading famous cooking show is so dissatisfied with the work of their employees that are constantly chastises them.

Louis Vuitton suitcase

Relamnaya campaign turned out scandalous and apparently people will remember for a long time.

Côte Putin

This image became popular after Putin's visit to Kurgan school, where he drew on the blackboard a cat. Figure quickly sold through the network fotozhabu, in real life as a syrup for coffee, for example.

Self at the funeral

This year there was a new and not very ethical trend: self at the funeral. In this picture - the American president at the funeral ceremony with Nelson Mandela. Unfortunately, the famous ceremony of ridiculous events that were completely out of place in a moment.

Mia Taleriko

Five-year actress named Mia Taleriko became famous thanks to his extraordinary facial expressions. This image is from the American TV series "Good Luck Charlie." This meme speaks for itself.

Legs or hot dogs?

Parodies a strange beach view before walking across the network, but it was in 2013 blog Hot-dog Legs on Tumblr has become very popular.

The Great Gatsby

Still from the film "The Great Gatsby" with the signatures - a subtle trolling. Sarcasm or something undesirable, said with a smile.

Do not be so

First appeared on picabu, and then went to social networks. This is a picture from the project "Nastenkiny Comics" Anastasia Lemovoy.

Vladimir Brest

Man embodies despair name is Vladimir Brest. This singer from Samara, a meme is made up of frames a photo shoot for the album "Paranoia". The image is well known in runet called the "poor man", and in the foreign segment called Dramatic Dmitry.

The beard of cat

This year, social networks were important mass foolery - the cat as a beard.


Ketmen continues the theme of seals in social networks. Popular activities among the owners of cats.

Dogs in pantyhose

This crazy of photographic came up with the Chinese. Someone had the idea to put a picture online of your dog in tights, and it was contagious. The idea of ​​pet owners and they like to share pictures of their four-legged models on the site Weibo.

Harlem shake

The video was terribly popular in 2013. Moreover, this video by the Norwegian army scored more views than the original.




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