Year of deja vu

Deja vu - a condition in which a person feels that he was once in a similar situation, but the feeling is not associated with any particular moment, and belongs to the past in general. Editors of TIME magazine put together a gallery of photographic duos that have been made at different times and by different photographers and thus remarkably similar to each other. One word in our time the photographer is almost impossible to make a unique picture.

All of these photos you may have seen in the tapes of news agencies or simply network

Edgard Gerrido-Reuters | Alexander F. Yuan-AP

Goran Tomasevic-Reuters | Muzaffar Salman-Reuters

Thierry Roger-EPA | Markus Schreiber-AP

Ali Ali-EPA | Mohammed Abed-AFP / Getty Images

Ng Han Guan-AP | Alexander F. Yuan-AP

Marko Djurica-Reuters | Bogdan Cristel-Reuters

Anna Gowthorpe-PA / Landov | Jared Wickerham-Getty Images

Ronen Zvulun-Reuters | Mohammad Ismail-Reuters

Andres Kudacki-AP | Guillermo Granja-Reuters

M. Andika-AFP / Getty Images | Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi-AP

Reuters | SANA / Reuters

From left :. September 2, 2012
Boys play on the burnt in the battle tank in Aleppo, Syria. Right: July 7, 2013. Israeli children play on the old, in Latrun near Jerusalem.

Reuters | Laurence Griffiths-Getty Images

Michal Cizek-AFP / Getty Images | Markus Schreiber-AP

Kim Kyung Hoon-Reuters | Gleb Garanich-Reuters

Ilya Naymushin-Reuters | China Daily / Reuters

Jonathan Hayward-Canadian Press / AP | Reuters

Rodrigo Abd-AP | Jeff Kowalsky-EPA

Anupam Nath-AP | Nevesh Chitakar-Reuters

David Guttenfelder-AP | Sheng Li-Reuter

Nikolai Doytchinov-AFP / AFP / Getty Images

Noel Celis-AFP / Spencer Black / Zuma Pres

Kurt Karl-AFP | Nick Morrish-British Airways / Eyevine / Zuma Press

Diego Azubel-EPA | Alexander Demyanchuk-Reuter

Anatoly Maltsev-EPA | Alexander Demyanchuk-Reuters

Mane-Barcroft Media / Landov | Miguel Bareiro-AP

From left :. January 28, 2013
Surfer Garrett McNamara from the United States on the crest of a large wave at Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal. On right:. October 28 2013 Brazilian surfer Carlos Barclay on the crest of a large wave in Praia do Norte, North Beach, near the fishing village of Nazare on the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

Damir Saga-Reuters | Athit Perawongmetha-Reuters

Ilya Naimushin-Reuters | Ilya Naimushin-Reuters

From left :. January 11, 2013
Winter swimming in the Yenisei River, in the city of Divnogorsk. On right:. February 4, 2013 People go on the ice of the Yenisei River, 52 km (32 miles) south of Krasnoyarsk.




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