Summer is great

Summer is very soon. Comes the time flowing skirts with ruffles. frivolous hats and iron horses, which are often referred to as bicycles. And for some reason I so wanted to write about the great, stars, summer, and in general about all of this.

The first great painted like Leonardo da Vinci. However, this figure many openly called fake. First bike, which had to pedal was invented in 1840 by Scotsman Kirkpatrick McMillan. First bike, similar to those used today, called Rover - «Wanderer." It was made in 1884 by British inventor John Kemp Starley and manufactured since 1885. Bicycling has become one of the real engines of technological progress. Many automotive companies started at the beginning of the XX century, started out as a bicycle. Started as bicycle manufacturers also Wright Brothers. In 2005, following the results of a public opinion poll in the UK, the bike was recognized as the greatest technological invention since 1800.

Bicycles have played a role in the emancipation of women. In particular, thanks to them in the 1890s became fashionable harem pants, which helped liberate women from corsets and other chilling clothes. Thanks bikes woman in every sense of the word became "free as the wind." It is not known whether feel themselves free bears in the circus, but great they still ride.

Yes, do not think that is great - is that ordinary people use only. The stars also love katatstsa. Audrey Monroe, Einstein, Bergman, Hitchcock - these historical photos are known to all. Photo of modern cycling star is also not something out of the ordinary. So why are the pictures of star Velikov always bring joy and a mysterious excitement? Maybe because the girl in a skirt and a bike really inspiring and amazing? Guys, incidentally, also look good.


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