Remember the first appearance of Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada»? First, there is such a shoe. Black and red, stylish, on huge heels. Almost cloven hoof. Then we see a strong silhouette, figure, smashing everything in its path. And then - the bag, which is engraved in huge letters the name of the manufacturer. All this combined with music makes it clear - in the film there was something unusual, very importantly, what can be neither faked nor to ignore or forget.
Devil or not, but after that it becomes quite clear why many stars also wear Prada - they do not want to forget about them.

"Evil" bags are almost all the Hollywood stars. Most klassnyuchaya belongs Hilary Duff. Here such.

However, it is she is not alone. Other stars do not lag behind Duff. With a bag from Prada lit Gisele Bundchen (by the way, took part in the "diabolical" film), Victoria Beckham, Ashley Tisdale, which are at least four different, Jessica Simpson (at least two), Nicole Kidman (at least two), Katie Holmes, Liv Tyler, Sandra Bullock, and indeed all:

But Meryl Streep with a bag from Prada to catch failed - it looks like it is it only in the movies. Apparently, Meryl remember, regardless of whether it is at Prada or not.

So that's it. After I reviewed a bunch of pictures from the "diabolical bags" I have, in fact, was only one question - that they are in Hollywood - all devils? Without asking the bulldozer.


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