Trendy hairstyles autumn-winter 2011-2012

It is known that a woman should completely change every season your wardrobe and image. And as the fastest way to achieve change? Of course, changing the hairstyle. Let's see what we offer stylists in hair-style.

For lovers of creative hairstyles favorite is the haircut and hairstyle-ladder with aggressive tapering. Despite the shape hairstyles volume welcome all haircuts. To achieve this will help a variety of foams, mousses and styling.

Straight hair is still at the peak of popularity.

But frizzy and curly hair in display mode.

Also not forgotten and asymmetry.

Ragged fringe, fringe at the tips of hair, protruding strands of different lengths on each side - all signs of fashionable style and creative girls.


For those who do not plan to cut their hair, hairstyles are relevant with a slight effect negligence. For this fashion stylists recommend slightly ruffled his hair, creating the effect of motion. You can make a cut in several layers, profiling hair, make smooth bangs or obliquely.

In addition, for owners of long hair You are invited to the autumn-winter season - hairstyles with braids. Here all sorts of relevant pigtails, spikelets, harnesses and so on. You can make a little sloppy braid from which knocked unruly locks or build a free spikelet.

Lush hairstyles also display the autumn-winter season. But no less stylish look and small curls.
Trend in hair color is a partial coloring strands. Are fashionable combination of colors, such as copper and brown, black and burgundy, white and pale pink.


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