The world of childhood

The artist Julie Ryan Cady spent her childhood on a farm in the small town of La Porte, Indiana, United States. The girl had their pets - Thunder ponies, dogs and cats, with whom she spent a lot of time frolicking on the lawns of the beautiful village.

Julie from an early age has a rich imagination, composing stories and poems, dreaming of becoming a writer. And even launched their dreams.

Three years of future artist studied at Indiana University, studying journalism, and then psychology. But ... I got married, had a nice cat-daughter and two sons, who were devoted her whole future life. Once the children are grown and gone to his own life, and Julie some free time, she began to devote to painting.

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And quite successfully! Just a few years of her cheerful colorful paintings began to appear in galleries across the United States.

I like to create a world of color and happiness! I want my paintings to delight those who will look at them and allowed to return to a beautiful, kind, dreamlike world of childhood ...
With you I'm not afraid

Indeed, her paintings bring us into a bright world of childhood gone forever, where the trees were higher, and the sky is blue ... Perhaps someone her work may seem naive, but that's the beauty of it is.

Cat dreams


Girl-butterfly. Dreamland

Christmas dreams. I create my world

My Utopia

Ravens waiting


Kottetzh "Rainbow". Two sides of the river. Magic House

Magic Farm

Children will outstrip us

Whimsical look

Joy comes

Emotions in the bottle

Queen hummingbirds. If dreams could fly ...

Peace within

Celestial black cats

Happy little winter

Magic Wind

Harmony coast

Village meets with the city

Cat dreams


Autumn magic

Flying dreams

where cats rule. One white, one black

Making my world

Looking for love

Spring rain

My little paradise


Internal insulation

The magic of the city. Welcome to the city. Inside the city

City cat

Mastering childhood. Tree of dreams

Cottage on the hill

At night, she shares her soul

Reason - happiness. Welcome to the neighborhood. I keep the light for you

Get out of my cell

Mount happiness. City joy

Magic river

Magic partridge in a pear tree

I - not Alice!


Walk starlet

My lovely walk

Other worlds

Magic look

Magic Dreams

The force of attraction


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