Star Face

The previous selection was good of you met, so we continue to look for flaws and delights in those stars. Each millimetrik their beautiful and not very good, and there is no made-up, emotional, and not quite right persons in this post. If you want to see not only these but also other celebrities "under the microscope", then I will continue to the third part of a selection (you just tell me :))

Katy Perry

Benicio Del Toro

Rachel McAdams

Kristen Stewart

Daniel Radcliffe

Lucy Hale

Demi Lovato

Jared Leto

Nikki Minaj

Tom Hardy

Kate Moss

Danny Trejo

Keira Knightley

Britney Spears

Heidi Klum

Tim Burton

Quentin Tarantino

Johnny Depp

Irina Shayk

Kate Middleton

Joe Jonas

Kim Kardashian

Kate Bosworth

Harry Styles

Bill Kaulitz

Charlotte Free


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