Winter hats for the stars

If you have not warmed, then it's time to do it! Health is priceless, and the yard is now a bitter cold. How to cope with weather-related events and what the stars wear winter hats, see the post.

Cozy image obayashki Jessica Alba.

Multi-colored knitted hat beautiful blonde Amanda Seyfried wore a walk with his beloved dog.

Selena Gomez at the presentation of his new collection of clothes in a blue cap Adidas.

Pregnant Fearne Cotton keeps your head warm with the help of cotton bright blue cap.

Ellie Goulding in cute hat with a pompon.

Whitney Port in an eclectic manner lit up at the airport.

True blonde dressed in pink: Paris Hilton and her hat with a bow.

Red-black-and-white striped hat supplemented denim ensemble Rihanna.

Taylor Swift in cold weather used to dress brightly. Singer chose solar-yellow cap.

Goldie Hawn have excellent fur hat, looking really rich, but everything else is poor, oh how poor ...

Juicy emphasis in the image of Emma Stone - knitted cap color of freshly cut grass.

AnnaLynne McCord in a tracksuit and white knitted cap set of simple and exactly the same scarf.

For 46 years, Bai Ling looks unreal! Plus knitted cap with the words "New York" her youth even more.

Fur saves from frost. This truth is well learned Lindsay Lohan.

Dakota Fanning wore baggy striped hat in soft colors.

A casual Onion Christina Aguilera.

Kristen Bell in a soft cap marsh color. It seemed such a long time hats went out of fashion, but apparently I was wrong.

Kim Kardashian in an elegant bow, supplemented by excellent knitted beret.

Playful Bicycle image: Katy Perry fell into childhood, wearing a funny hat with ears.

"Bulletproof" cap Cheryl Cole 100% protect her ears from strong wind gusts.

The image in the style of old Hollywood Kelly Brook is great!

Mollie King believes that her fur hat goes well with the shirt. Maybe she just did not consider what the weather is outside of the building or go straight to the car, forgetting about the outer clothing.

Kat Von Dee takes is a little lowered it to one side.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashley Tisdale


Keyshia Cole


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