Quotes Samantha Jones

The character Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) in the series Like most spectators to some extent, even more than the main character Carrie Bradshaw.

This pattern can be easily understood: Samantha - is liberated in every sense of the woman who does not depend on other people's opinions and do not pay attention to gossip. Unlike many women, it does not seek to marry, and skeptical of the word "love."

She has two passions: the man and the work of PR-managers. According to the scenario Samantha older than his friends Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, and perhaps this is what explains its cynical attitude to life due to more experience. She never discouraged and boldly look into the eyes of your fears and troubles in life.

I present to you a selection of my favorite quotes Samantha Jones:

I like it when men think I'm smarter than they are, because this is usually pravda.

- You want to say that for anything in the world would be contacted with a guy who lives with his parents?

- Well, maybe with Prince William ...

Someone else's opinion does not matter to me at all. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

A woman has the full right to use any means to achieve the goal.

Men terribly primitive. As sornyaki.

Do not let him call you his girlfriend, and you do not become the former devushkoy.

Love became the other when a woman came out of the cave, looked around ... and said: - It is not difficult ...


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