Celebrity Photoshoots

Rethink last year's column about fresh fotoshotah our favorite stars

The most interesting photoshoot recently, in my humble opinion, this work is Kirsten Dunst for the latest edition Bullett. There are associations and Alice in Wonderland. Stylish, fancy, nezamylenno - such should be the conceptual photoshoot. In the journal, these photos are accompanied by an interview with Dunst in which it, inter alia, recognized that for many people it continues to be Spider-Man's girlfriend

Spirit impregnated surrealism and a selection of photos of James Franco for BulleTT. It is not hard to guess that the inspiration for her latest project was the actor's "Oz the Great and Powerful." At first glance - nothing that would cause to admire, but if you look closely, you realize that the light in this Sete put downright masterly

Zac Efron on a chair in different positions - can be summarized as a set for an actor Flaunt. The photographer was able to capture the perfect balance of color and gray-blue eyes like Zach bloom on a background of gray walls

Slightly Matthew McConaughey for April Details. Again operated sexy image of a mature man, is nothing new, but - nice

Ian Somerhalder and a little to the Hong Kong Prestige. It's boring at all. The same vampire Damon Salvatore, only in designer suits

Raspiarenny Katie Holmes photo shoot for Allure (April 2013), where the ex-wife of Tom Cruise appears topless. This apparently topless for the children, because nothing frank here and does not smell. Generally, pirate, nautical theme (it's the same ship ropes?) As for me, quite interesting to a wide range of first-class aesthetics, but in this photo shoot topic not disclosed. Overall, not bad, but it could be to try and better (it does not claim to Cathy, and to the creators set)


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