The longest word in the world

Full chemical name of the largest protein contains 189,819 letters, and is considered the longest word in any language. Titinius, also known as connectin - is a giant protein of 244 individually folded protein domains connected by an unstructured peptide sequence. Furthermore, the gene Titina contains the largest number of exons - 363 found in the same gene. Titina plays an important role in the reduction of striated muscle, but he is best known for its technical name, which is considered the longest word in any language of the world. The name "Titina" is borrowed from the Greek word «titan» (giant deity, something large). Chemical name begins with methionyl ... and ends ... izoleytsin.

Full name would take too much space in this post. If you really want to hear the sound of the longest word in the world, you can watch the video, which takes nearly 3, 5 hours for a full pronouncing that name.
Interestingly, the full chemical name Titina you do not even see in the dictionary as the dictionary compiler find names of chemical compounds verbal formula, not a word. But how would you call it is not the word, the formula or the whole story, it is very long. The longest word of the Russian language there are words theoretically unlimited length, such as, for example, "praprapra grandfather ...", as in the Russian language there is no limit for consoles "Proto» .

One of the longest words are those that represent the magnitude and course chemical names. The longest word for age: "vosmidesyatichetyrёhletny" (25 characters) is the longest word in the Guinness Book of Records, "prevysokomnogorassmotritelstvuyuschy" (35 letters) and "rentgenoelektrokardiograficheskogo" (33 letters) The longest word for value "tysyachadevyatsotvosmidesyatidevyatimillimetrovy" (46 letters ) The longest word for chemical "nikotinamidadenindinukleotidfosfatgidrin" (40 letters), and " Тетрагидропиранилциклопентилтетрагидропиридопиридиновые» (55 letters) The word for fear of long words: "gippopotomonstroseskippedalofobiya" (33 letters)



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