Geraldine Doyle and most popular poster US World Clock II We Can Do It! (5 photos)

We Can Do It! He is the most famous poster of the United States since the World War II. In 1942, 17-year-old Geraldine Doyle, who worked as an operator of metal-stamping machines in the factory, noticed the photographer agency United Press. In the 60s and 70s this poster has become a symbol of the struggle for women's equality. I suggest you look at such a famous model of the past. Geraldine also learned about the poster, only 42 years later, when in 1984, mother of five children saw a picture in the newspaper. Since then, she has left thousands of autographs on posters, T-shirts and other things with a reproduction of agitation wartime. The Los Angeles Times writes that a single cent for it, of course, did not ask. In 1992, the brand was released on the US Postal Service (US Postal Service) with a reproduction of the poster. One of the most popular American posters from World War II and today is sold all over America. Painted in offices. Garages and houses. And the woman that inspired the artist to the most recognizable poster martial, went to the best of all worlds on December 26 on Sunday in the city of Lansing, Michigan, at the age of 86 years.

Photo 1997


at the bench 1942



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