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The famous British explorer Bear Grylls is famous for a series of gears, united in the cycle of "Man vs. Wild." Bear Grylls is sent to the most remote points of the world and shows how you can survive in such inhospitable places.

1. Everest This is a master of the giant shower of many climbers. However, few manage to climb. Some brave souls remain, forever, lie under the ice cover of Everest. May 26, 1998, Bear Grylls became the youngest British climber to conquer Everest. Then he was 23 years old. The ascent took 90 days. Not enough sleep and oxygen. Once he nearly fell into the abyss. Saved him only a safety rope and other arms. After the descent, Bear wrote a book, "Ready", which appeared in the United States under the name "The child, who conquered Mount Everest." Since then, the brave traveler was a welcome guest of television shows not only the UK but also the US.

2. The North Atlantic In October 2003, Bear has organized and led an expedition, whose purpose was to cross the North Atlantic in an open inflatable boat. After several weeks of swimming in the ice, the expedition ended in a documentary and a book called "Prior to the deserted ocean." During this voyage Grylls was awarded the title of Rear Admiral Naval Reserve.

3. North Africa After the conquest of the North Atlantic, Bear went to North Africa, where he took part in the filming of the series dedicated to the French Foreign Legion. TV series called "Escape to the Legion." Here the traveler passes a makeshift initial training, during which describes how it looks through the eyes of a rookie.

4. Angel Falls vulnerability of the morning of 15 April 2005, the air above the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls, located in Venezuela, was disturbed by the roar of the motor. In the air rose a brave explorer Bear Grylls, using as a means of lifting the parachute paramotor.

5.Obed at height In the same year, Bear Grylls was set another world record. To do this, he needed a balloon at an altitude of 25,000 meters above sea level. There Grylls, in company with two of his friends realized the highest dinner party in the world. The participants were dressed in smart clothes and oxygen masks.

6. Flying over the Himalayas in 2007 for Bear Grylls was marked by the second conquest of Everest. However, for this he took the paramotor, which he conquered the Angel Falls. The flight was at an altitude of 4419, 6 meters. The air temperature was 60C. All the preparatory operations, as well as the flight itself was filmed and used in the movie, broadcasted all over the world.

7. In 2008, Antarctica Grylls goes to the conquest of the most remote mountain peak, located in Antarctica. During the expedition, Bear, along with his team, in addition to climbing and examined the coast. For this purpose, he used an inflatable boat and a jet ski, running on bioethanol. During this expedition, Grylls broke his shoulder, and he was evacuated along with other members of the expedition.

8. Fall Time in the same 2008, the famous traveler once again got into the Guinness Book of Records. This time, the reason for the fall was the Guinness in a wind tunnel. Grylls, along with Freddy MacDonald and Al Hodgson, who had both legs amputated, made a drop, which lasted 1:00 37 seconds. This duration of the fall was due to the upward flow of air in which it occurred.

9. Island King William Island in 2010, Bear Grylls, in order to attract public attention to the problem of climate change, sail through the Strait of Wellington. Expedition stopped to spend the night on the island, where they found fragments of masts, pieces of cloth, as well as human bones and skulls. This suggested that the island was the last refuge of the victims of the shipwreck.

10. Island "Will you go - do not come back" Currently, Bear Grylls is planning an expedition to the island Barsakelmes located in the Aral Sea. In Turkic, the island's name is translated as "Will you go - do not come back." According to old-timers, the time is not subject to any laws. It is then compressed in an instant, then stretched into years. It is this fact and are interested in Bear Grylls. Let's hope that the expedition is successful and the mystery will be revealed TBC.



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