Another masterpiece of world architecture

In the United Arab Emirates is preparing to build another masterpiece of world architecture. At this time, it will be a residential complex of two buildings, converging in the top of their hiding spots and a green garden at the base. You will see this miracle of architectural thought from the company Oppenheim near the beach Marina Beach.

This lyambdaobrazny complex residential buildings from the architectural firm Oppenheim will be a real decoration of the United Arab Emirates, a country which already that no building is an architectural masterpiece.
Its main feature is that the complex will consist of two slightly inclined buildings, almost converge to one another at the top. And in the space between the base of the building will house a compact but lovely park.

The outer walls of the apartment complex will not be solid as it seems from the outside and stepped. So that each of the apartments there is a private garden terrace, like a penthouse. In addition, this will allow exterior apartments better blown sea breezes, and, consequently, better ventilated and without air conditioning.

It is not known whether the park, located between the two buildings of the complex, involved in regulating the temperature of the complex, as provided for in the draft of a new business center in Beijing, but certainly it will help cool people on the beach. After all, this park will be in the shade. And in the summer, which in the United Arab Emirates lasts almost all year round, there is nothing nicer than to get to the sun in the pleasant cool shade.


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