Katy Perry (Katy Perry) shot for Elle magazine

The March issue of the popular magazine pictures adorn one of the most popular girls of the planet. And the footage turned out completely diverse.

In addition to the original photo shoot, Katy Perry (Katy Perry) has given a massive interview in which he talked about his relationship with her husband Russell, his last good little girl and her stunning body. Moreover, during the interview the singer did not mince words. For example, a career - I've been tuned to ensure that work and work on themselves. And I think, "Hey, bitch, nobody will give you anything on a silver platter. So come on, work on yourself! ". On the figure, Kathy spoke: "I always wanted to be like Kate Moss, but one time my figure was nearly square. Thank God, all fixed. " Full interview everyone read in the March issue of Elle, and while looking at pictures.


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