The day in pictures 20 January 2012

That got the winter wherever it waited and did not wait. Today Friday was marked by a record and a small sports sensation, as well as several other unusual events. Let's see what.

Snowfalls in Vancouver, Canada, as well as over most of North America.

In the US state of Washington snow storm caused the biggest damage.

Greece's long-suffering little of the economic crisis, so to add frost that destroyed the lion's share of crops. Icy orange grove, Argos.

Baby polar bear facility oceanarium Penglai was born on 1 January 2012, China. The first month of his life, he will stay in a glass case.

Baby giraffe N'Gombe stands in the background of his mother Nayiri at the zoo in Cologne, Germany.

Butterfly on the petals of flowers in the park in Hyderabad, India.

Drummer boy go home sad. Today, the Spanish San Sebastian was canceled most of the holiday activities "tamborrada."

Medium performs a traditional dance during the festival chic in Lalitpur, Nepal.

People feed the birds with hands on the river Yamuna in New Delhi, India.

Spanish matador Juan Jose Padilla, despite the lost eyes during bullfighting, today announced that will perform at the festival in Olivenza on March 4.

Ethiopian Orthodox dance at the temple in the rock on the occasion of the festival Timkat associated with the Baptism of Christ, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

A member of the Christian human rights groups make up crying at the embassy of North Korea during the action with the requirements for freedom of the residents of the DPRK.

An Israeli soldier fires tear gas at Palestinians protesting against the expropriation of their land in favor of Israel, Kfar Kadumim Palestine.

The shadow of US presidential candidate from the Republican Ron Paul, the official flag of South Carolina, is moving to the podium in North Charleston.

Guardsman salutes Pope Benedict XVI during the blessing of the representatives of the current Neocatechumenate, Vatican.

Ukrainian Alexander Dolgopolov moved so fast on the court in a match against Australian Bernard Tomic, the cameras did not have time to fix :) But nimble opponent managed to win, "Cossack" in five sets at the Australian Open.

No matter how much throwing Norwegian Eidur Reygelhut rooted in goal against Croatia in handball at the European Championships in Serbia balkantsy scored more. They won 26:20 and headed the group II.

Players "Borussia" Mönchengladbach today literally flew in the home match against the Bundesliga championship in Munich "Bavaria". Mike Hanke (Swallow) is also now trying for victory with the score 3: 1.

Cantonese opera performer smiling behind the scenes of the theater in Hong Kong.

Casting bronze statuettes "Oscar" for the upcoming ceremony, Burbank, California, USA.

Robert Redford speaks at a press conference before the festival «Sundance» in Park City, Utah, USA.

Golden monkey head after a 25 year absence from the US returned home to Peru. Demonstration returned artifact in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Peru in Lima.

These four pairs are owners of a new record for the duration of hugs in the world. They stood embracing each other on one of the forecourt of London 24 hours and 44 minutes, 11 minutes more than the previous record.

Photo: AP, AFP, Getty Images, Reuters


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