Day in Photos, February 14, 2012

If we translate the words of the popular songs of the Russian language, we get the "love is in the air." In fact it was. Even if you do not take into account the holiday, which for most of us is not primordial.

Romania continues to get rid of the snow rubble. More than 4, 5 meters of snow - this is the result of the last element.

African penguin Howard gives to your friends on Valentine aviary in San Francisco, USA.

A woman leaves the church of Peter and Paul in the Swiss village of Andermatt.

Merchandising Street lingerie shop in Nablus, Palestine, Valentine's Day.

Foreign tourists in Islamabad celebrating Valentine's Day, Pakistan.

And in Karachi, local opposition activists staged a protest against the celebration of the feast of pro-Western Pakistan.

Love uncle rides a moped at Tirana, Albania.

A girl ties a ball-heart on a wall in Berlin, Germany.

Cyclist serdtsevoz the streets of Beijing, China.

Snowbound "Valentine" on the streets of Kiev. The sun is not visible, but the soul is light :)

This resident of New Delhi somehow does not radiate love :) But the balls in there, India.

In the Indian city of Chandigarh students created and recorded heart "on it" a sign of AIDS.

Nepalese Chandra Bahadur Dungy waiting for a decision on their possible introduction into the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest man on the planet. His height - 56 cm, and weighs only 12 kg.

Shinto priests take part in the opening ceremony of a new plant in the city of Kesennuma, Japan. Gradually the city is restored.

In the photo the bride Figarell Stephanie (left) and the bride Lela McArthur before the marriage ceremony.

The two women became the first same-sex couple, committed marriage ceremony in the building of the Empire State Building, New York, USA.

The staircase, which resembles a snail in the building "House of the Bavarian economy", Munich, Germany.

In Pyongyang, North Korea set a new monument. Galloping former and current leaders of the communist country.

In Libya today celebrated the start of the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.

The growth figure of the President of Iran with a nuclear bomb in the hands, which splits in half the UN headquarters - an element of the upcoming carnival in Cologne, Germany.

Wheel of Fortune with pictures of presidential candidates and the Russian bear - also part of the future of the carnival.

Supporters of Vladimir Putin today held a rally in support of him as a future presidential candidate, at the government building in Moscow.

Princess Kate receives a gift from the eight-year boy in Liverpool, during his visit to this city, England.

In Europe today resumed Champions League football. Andres Iniesta (left) from the "Barcelona", fights for the ball with Lars Bender from "Bayer". After the first time the Germans lost in their own stadium 0: 1.

Dwyane Wade of "Miami Heat" Tonight was one of the authors of the victory of his basketball team on the "Milwaukee Bucks" in the framework of the regular season NBA.

Susan Caraballo from the company «Robin Industries» collects hands detail that makes her employer at the show in Cleveland, USA.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, AFP, Reuters


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