The strange world of photography Carlos Enrique Reynesha (Carlos Henrique Reinesch)

Brazilian photographer living in a great place in the woods there are many, many wild monkeys where nature is literally raging all sorts of colors, and simple people and literally. As probably everywhere else, if you do not bother.

Although, as we realized the lion's share photos Club «Oo-Rein-oo» are exactly his pictures. Carlos Enrique Reynesh (Carlos Henrique Reinesch) lives and works in the cities, called Belo Horizonte. However, often travels the world with his friends. Much of the work of the Brazilian made spontaneously, and you'll know about what exactly the images in question. Photos of Carlos Enrique diverse. In our collection you will see and staged photos, and reportage, portraits and even landscape shots. As a soundtrack for viewing, we decided to choose a cheerful song from «Franz Ferdinand». Click «play» and went;)

Franz Ferdinand - «Take Me Out»

Photo by Carlos Henrique Reinesch


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