Great connoisseur PHOTOMANIPULATIONS Eric Johansson (Erik Johansson)

He was born in the small Swedish town 27 years ago, however, for the sake of career, was forced to move to Germany. But it was much later, after drawing hobbies and carefree life with his family on a farm in Gёtene.

At the age of fifteen man he won his first digital camera. Along with the traditional drawing, Eric Johansson (Erik Johansson) is interested in computer, and it's not just about the games. Seven years ago he moved to Gothenburg, where he studied computer engineering at the Technological University of Chambers. Along the way, the Swede became interested in photo retouching, and after placing a couple of his works on the Internet began to receive orders from local advertising agencies. In 2012, he moved to Berlin and worked as a freelancer with such well-known brands such as Microsoft, Google and IKEA.

Photo by Erik Johansson


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