Male and female dancers in pictures Little Shao

About the author of this series of pictures is known very little. We do not even know it's his real name or just a nickname. In any case, it is not the most important thing. In the center of the lens - the creativity of the photographer, and nothing more.

Little Shao was born December 15, 1982-year. Of the personal information we have been able to learn that he French photographer who lives and works in the capital, Paris. Of course, only if not traveling. A fan of traveling this street dance and hip-hop is very fond of. Last year alone, Little Shao visited the United States, Russia and Hong Kong. The guy is positioning itself not only as a photographer but also filmmaker. It is also the art director of photo agency «Profoto». We offer a small selection of photographs taken by the author in different cities and countries.

Photo by Little Shao


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