Space August (review of events of the month)

The summer passed. It's time to review the events and photographs, which are dated August 2012. During this 31 day was a sufficient number of interesting events, but more pleasing to new photos.

Let's start with the unusual term "superbubble", the meaning of which is the appearance of the nebula near the star cluster. This superbubble in the Large Magellanic Cloud, formed by high-temperature winds from young stars and the shock waves from supernovae newly formed.

Spacecraft «Cassini-Huygens» captured two winters on Saturn, against which levitates Titan :) joke, of course, before you two pictures, combined into one. Saturn's northern hemisphere winter shows eight-year-old (blue tint). Now that winter in the southern hemisphere and the northern half darkened (not pictured).

Snapshot Hurricane "Isaac" from the satellite «Suomi NPP» off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, August 29, the United States.

Computer montage of images of Pluto and Triton, the largest moon of the planet. The photo was taken August 29, 1989.

Presentation of the layout of the spacecraft "Mariner" US President Kennedy. 50 years ago, the space probe flew to Venus, where, after the transfer of information about the planet disappeared at the beginning of 1963.

Rare shot made by Buzz Aldrin on the moon. The late Neil Armstrong works near the Lunar Module.

Neil Armstrong is awarded US President Carter for his contribution to the development of astronautics.

Testing of the spacecraft «Orion» for the impact force of the water when entering the Earth's atmosphere and fall of the capsule into the ocean. The project «Orion» can make another revolution and perhaps very soon people will be able to visit the planets, which have not yet been.

Traces of the first maneuver the rover «Curiosity» on the surface of the red planet.

Without nine minutes spent six o'clock in the open space Gennady Padalka and Yuri Malenchenko, during work on the equipment of the ISS and preparation for the connection of a new Russian module, August 20th.

Our neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud, was the object of attention of scientists through the telescope "Hubble". He gave the young cluster of stars in the 30 Doradus nebula. The distance to Earth - 170 thousand light years.

Another shot of "Hubble" - dwarf galaxy DDO 190, with no clear contours and located at a distance of 9 million light years from our solar system. On the edges of galaxies are old stars (red color), and inside - supernovae (bluish spots).

A look at the rover «Curiosity» from a height of 200 km. Blue spot - out of rock, after operation, motors and dispersion of dust from the place of unloading.

Booster «Ariane 5 ECA» goes into geostationary orbit two satellites from Kourou, French Guiana, August 2.

In the photo taken by the Chilean telescope, the nebula shows a tube (Barnard 59), located in the constellation Ophiuchus. Despite the fact that it is rather dull, it can be seen by the light of young stars in the neighborhood. Picture taken on August 15.

The test rocket launch «Escape System» floating platform in the Baltic Sea. Randy mannequin inside the machine. The Danish group «Copenhagen Suborbitals» plans in the future to put on the conveyor suborbital flights for tourists on August 12.

«Boeing», in cooperation with NASA conducted the first flight test aircraft X-48C, using the technology of "mixed" wing. The first flight took place on August 7 in California, and lasted 9 minutes.

Astronauts exploring the caves on the Italian island of Sardinia, as part of the next stage of the curriculum.

Two satellite pictures «Terra» over the Canadian Arctic, demonstrate how the glaciers thawed out in the period from 17 July to 3 August.

Spacecraft «Morpheus», designed for landing on the surface of the celestial objects passed the tests and exploded during a test flight in the territory of the space center Kennedy, August 9th.

Finally, some more shots, perhaps the main event of the month - the landing of the Mars rover «Curiosity». Parachute descent.

The shadow of the rover on the surface of the planet. In the distance, Mount Aeolis Mons.

The first pictures of the planet.

The first color photo came out blurry because of the dust settling on the removable chamber lid Imager. Here the edge of the crater Gale.

This is all. See you next month!


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