Top 10 gifts for Christmas and the New Year for the geeks

We continue the topic of the upcoming holidays, and offer you a small selection of gifts category of "high-tech", the value of which can be considered quite acceptable as a gift for a loved one, or just relatives.

To begin with, which is very difficult to buy, despite the relatively low price.

Virtual keyboard costs around $ 100. There is nothing supernatural, but this device will provide its owner.

«IShower Bluetooth Speaker» Now will allow anyone who wishes to listen to your favorite music or audio books directly during water treatment.

Gloves with Bluetooth. Wireless headset with microphone on the little finger.

Car charger for your gadget.

USB-Hub as a toaster and a stick in the form of toast.

The portable charging station - a small bag with an impressive number of holders for devices and accessories. Great gift for travelers.

Such gifts boyfriend on New Year's 2013, if he likes to Travel on a bike will be at the time. Here is a boom box turtle, who will not get bored while riding a bike.

Mouse for gamers.

Microhelicopter display «Skywriter UFO».

A copy of the guns from the game «Portal 2".

Of course, the list goes on and on, all sorts of ingenious devices. We decided on this and finish.


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