Brunette honest bald

Curious action within ten days spent in July, the company Honest tea. Tea producers became interested - and how honest American citizens and how the regime "freebie". Trays with soft drinks have been exposed without sellers. Potential buyers had freedom of choice - to pay a dollar for a bottle or just take. Free of charge. The indicator in this price range - this yourself honestly. But the results, however, turned out amusing. Well, first of all, 92% still prefer to pay. The study was conducted almost throughout the US, buyers were people of different social strata, gendenyh and age groups. Each of which is assigned a "code of honesty." It was found, for example, that brunettes generally more honest bald (who would have thought). You may want to potestit a loved / favorite online Only drawback - have introduced himself a resident of any state. Test only for residents of USA.


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