Deripaska, Abramovich gave black woman for $ 500,000

The famous dark-skinned singer appeared in Moscow through the efforts and financial capabilities oligarch Oleg Deripaski.Imenno his party, which was attended by Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova bride, made a world star. Only in one of the clubs could be seen as Russia's richest man near the stage having fun under Rihanna hits.

The young singer has arrived in our capital city for a few hours. But the questions she had pohlesche than that of the Madonna - she demanded currently the most expensive room, but was going to stay in Moscow only six hours. Presidential suite in the hotel "Ritz Carlton" cost nearly half a million rubles. For other requirements Rihanna were added some more original requests - some rare American gum (but the organizers have not been found, although the search reached even the US Embassy) and blueberry candle in the dressing room. But otstutstvie gum in no way affected the mood of the singer, and she was pleased with the performance of his chosen audience.


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