In the new year, with new ideas!

Our magazine pleases you for one year, during which time there was quite a lot of changes, aimed at the development of the resource. The development team is trying to make life more interesting, and we do not care about the opinion of our visitors.

Express your opinion and ideas for further development of the resource, Participate in the development of the project, make their comments and suggestions. We will be grateful to you for your answers to a few questions:

 - How often do you visit this site?
 - Which sections You are currently viewing (General / Subject)
 - What are the sections / services would you like to see on the site?
 - Do I need online more than interesting reading material (news, analysis, reviews)?
 - Do you have any suggestions / comments about the website?
 - At what grade do you assess the filling of the resource now?

as well as:

 - To speak about any other topics related to the site, and are not included in the question.
 - Common criticism is welcome.
 - Mats, obscenities, figliganstvo - adequately perceived :-)

The development team.


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