The Turkish ship was burning 3 days (10 photos)

Fire on board the Turkish ship Und Adriyatik, which is located in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia, put out three days after the occurrence, informs AFP.

The vessel was carrying 200 trucks and nine tons of oil products, excluding fuel in the tanks. Oil spills in the sea did not happen.

Tugs held Und Adriyatik about seven miles from the Croatian coast. The vessel continued to survey fire from Croatia and the Netherlands. In the future it is planned to be towed to Trieste.

Und Adriyatik, en route from Istanbul to Trieste, caught fire on Wednesday, February 6th. On board were nine passengers and 22 crew members, all of them were evacuated to the Greek ship appeared in time. Four people suffered minor burns.

The Croatian authorities feared flooding of the vessel and the pollution of the coastline resorts of the Adriatic oil.


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