Project Ferrari Concept 2008 by the independent Italian designer

Mark Ferrari serves as a source of inspiration for a lot of new young designers.

Professionals such as Idris Omar (Idries Omar), Emre Husmen (Emre Husmen), and now Luca Serafini (Luca Serafini) using the Italian exotic car as a way of inspiring the creation of his best works. The latest operation, dubbed the Ferrari Concept 2008 is based on the supercar F430. This car shows the direction in which, probably, will move designers developing next-generation model.

Creating a project based on the image of the past and present models Ferrari, Luca Serafini wanted to bring something of their own work, but that at the same time remain within the corporate style Ferrari. A further object of this young Italian designer is to create a model car at a scale of 1: 4 and its presentation in the competition of designers in Mecca of Italian automotive design - Turin.

Among the most popular works of the past may be noted Serafini concept Lamborghini Embolado, is a compact supercar based on the model Gallardo, with the unique design of the cockpit and a pretty aggressive design.


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