Office. 12 a.m. Work is in full swing. And I must say that since the office was financed from foreign sources, and customs were foreign to him, in particular, the general work room

50 sq.m. shirmochka was divided into small compartments that housed desk, chair, computer and employee, and was formed in the middle of a long koridor.I here comes the chief of the office, all the leading lights in their thoughts, quickly sweeping the "corridor", suddenly slows down at one of shirmochek and loudly asks, sitting behind her employee:
 - Ira, whatever your Tampax ?!

You can hear the sound of the simultaneous fall of several bodies (and people working on commercials room 12), silly giggles and frank but somewhat overwhelming palms pressed to her mouth, neighing. Ira sat with eyes 2x2 bordoveet slowly, yet still able to ask another question:
 - What do you mean?
Head, not at all embarrassed:
 - I ask, as your Tampax. Warms? Does not leak?
Employees and Ira among them, slide to the floor. Only then, noticing an unhealthy excitement in the operating room, the chief decided to explain:
 - What are you laughing at, I do not understand? I also want to buy the same!
Office convulsing.
 - And then home persistent problems with hot water.

It turned out that he meant "Thermex", that is, boiler for hot water.
Lord, what advertising does to people ...


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