Flying Ferrari for $ 800 thousand

Terrafugia at the end of next year to begin selling a flying car-aircraft Transition Personal Air Vehicle. Despite the pessimistic statements by skeptics, the first and only member of this particular market Terrafugia could be short-lived. Recently it became known that the enthusiasts of Moller International in two years will lift into the air and bright expensive Ferrari 599 GTB worth 320 thousand dollars. Unlike most of the prototype flying car, Autovolantor (this name is planned to give the new model) will please motorists secured vertically take off and landing, good speed performance. According to available data, on the ground Autovolantor can accelerate to 150 km / h, and in the air - up to 200 km / h at an altitude of up to one and a half kilometers.

Climbing up into the air like a helicopter Autovolantor allow the hybrid system of eight powerful engines total 800 hp Ironically, the cost of flying Ferrari will correspond to the status of the Italian brand - 800 thousand dollars for the opportunity and ride, and fly.



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