Popular coffeeshops of Amsterdam (26 photos)

Starbucks Coffee House and Chocolate - not competitors Amsterdam coffeeshops. Not because the menu and coffee shops coffeeshop different (astral cake - amazing chocolate cake - not unlike usual), but because the mass, flow and profit could not fit coffeeshops. Coffeeshops in Amsterdam - cozy, not fussy place; no crime, many pensioners - all at home. Activities regulated coffeeshops "Opium Law" under the supervision of the police drug Netherlands. Behind the cash register sure you warn of the unpredictable effects of drugs and asked not to smoke too much (not allowed to sell to one person more than 5 grams of herbs); Similar institutions in Amsterdam hundred (750), respectively, the competition between them exists. New coffee shop may not appear until some old closed. Although the owners sure do not care about competition. Each coffee shop is unique, can not be found two identical.

The Bulldog - the first and most famous coffee shop in Amsterdam (founded in 1975).

Space cake. Contains 0, 2 c. hashish. It costs about 6 euros (March 23, 2009).

Such an appearance at EXTASE

A'dam = Amsterdam

Aww ... Popeye)

Coffeeshops are allowed to sell but not buy cannabis)

The price of one gram of marijuana - from 7 euros.


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