Annular solar eclipse

People pray to the Sun God during a solar eclipse at the fair Kumbh in Haridwar, India. According to Hindu mythology, the Kumbh is celebrated in four places in India where, according to legend, the drops of nectar fell life during the war between the gods and demons in ancient times; swim at a location in astrologically special time - then redeem one sin and help yourself to the rescue. Believers Hindus bathe in the holy waters during and after the eclipse. (Saurabh Das-AP)

Man film protects the eyes during an annular solar eclipse of Ranchi, India, January 15, 2010. (Sasanka Sen-AP)

South Korean boy looking through a telescope at a solar eclipse in Seoul on January 15, 2010. (Ahn Young-joon-AP)

Primary school pupils in Hubei, China, watch the solar eclipse through special glasses January 15, 2010. (China Daily-Reuters)

A man looks at a solar eclipse through the film in Nairobi, Kenya, January 15, 2010. In Africa, the eclipse could be seen in Chad, Central Afrikasnkoy resbulike, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Somalia. (Thomas Mukoya-Reuters)


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