Photos from the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

Fans of the Canadian hockey team enjoyed a goal scored. Match the US team won with a score of 5-3. (CRIS BOURONCLE / AFP / Getty Images)

American Lindsey Vonn during slalom on 18 February. (OLIVIER MORIN / AFP / Getty Images)

Canadian silver medalist Marianne St-Gele crying at the awards ceremony after the competition in short track on February 17. (YURI KADOBNOV / AFP / Getty Images)

Mo Tae-Bum (right) from South Korea and Shani Davis of the United States shared the first and second place in the competition in speed skating at the 1000 meters in Richmond. (DIMITAR DILKOFF / AFP / Getty Images)

Noelle Barahona of Chile fell near the finish line during the event on February 17th. (FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP / Getty Images)


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