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In the photo galleries to see Arnold Schwarzenegger at a military base in Seoul; vote on raising the retirement age in France; nearing elections in Afghanistan, and more.

Indian soldier stands guard during a curfew in the center of Srinagar. On Wednesday, the Indian police opened fire on Muslim demonstrators, killing four people, while political leaders decide the question of how to end the separatist sentiment in Kashmir. (Dar Yasin / Associated Press)

The teacher pushes a cart with kindergarten children in the center of Tokyo. Pre-employment, educators must complete a minimum of special courses, where he studied child psychology, child development calendar, childcare and much more. (Franck Robichon / European Pressphoto Agency)

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger welcomes soldiers after a speech at a military base in Seoul. It requires that Congress quickly reacted to it to give the status of free trade in South Korea, Panama and Colombia. (Jo Yong-Hak / Reuters)


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