The story of one of the Moscow traffic jams (131 photos)

To the tube, which was formed 20.10.2010, you can manage to meet, to start a family, raise children and die :) It was a all, all three inner city ring (third transport, Garden and Boulevard). Accordingly climb in Yandex and cork ishesh detour, but it was not there. people, paralyzed in traffic jams, not lost his sense of humor, in fact - was ready to show their best qualities, including reproductive capacity, and the service is actually turned into a kind of chat with elements of the flash mob. Moderators service desperately struggled with a sudden thrust awakened people to communicate by removing all informational messages. Now you'll see screenshots of maps Yandex and what people have experienced and told the world for a Moscow traffic jams 20.10.2010. All screenshots are original, no changes in the text have been made, the decision of the people who wrote in a public service their phones - their personal decision. All drive without traffic jams and a sense of humor, if you are still caught in the dead of the cork!



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