Immersion in a diving helmet

For those who can not swim with scuba diving, but wants to join the underwater world, the Caribbean is created helmet diving, or simply dive in a diving helmet.

All issued gloves, boots, before dipping - short briefing,

Well, for example, that only go on a given route, because the air is pumped under pressure through the top hose from UNV that circular pieces

so the whole route along the bottom naturally built around it in a circle.
A very important point about which resemble several times, do not tilt head forward. because the laws of physics, your mouth and nose will be in this case, below the water surface, which will cause some difficulty in breathing.

The procedure is very simple dive, you put on a helmet and head forward, in the sense down to the bottom

The depth of 3-5 meters, not more. You can admire the corals and fishes floating around that looks are not afraid of tourists.


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