A unique helmet for pilots of F-35

Especially for modern fighter the F-35 US scientists have developed a unique helmet of the pilot, who was a very modest title "God's eye." The fact is that the device is a new hat allows a detailed look at the opponent at a distance of half a kilometer, and with the help of binocular vision of the pilot becomes a much wider viewing angle. Well, what else to add? Only one type of enemy in this "hell" is already able to scare helmet;) look.

With it, the pilot is able to see Binocular in a much wider area than the standard human eye. The helmet has an automatic night vision system itself (depending on the situation) toggles.

As the helmet is the command center: all onboard weapons tied to the movements of the head and eyes of the pilot. Hit targets in a helmet is not more difficult than in a computer game.

The F-35

Pilots joke:
"In the new helmet, we feel the demons - frightening his enemies only view».

It certainly looks eerily

And here is an analog device of 1921.
The unique system of sound "zoom" 1.5 km



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