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Forty one million eight hundred eighty three thousand one hundred thirty seven

More than 12 years ago, powerfully started by creating their first, in demand worldwide smartphone Meizu M8, Meizu company is now confidently takes strong positions in the first lines of ratings of the most eminent manufacturers of mobile devices. But, for all its technological perfect smartphones this powerful Chinese companies need additional mechanical protection, greatly extending their service life. This feature effectively silicone cases for Meizu, characterized not only by their technical characteristics, but also original design solutions.

Material production determines preimushestva a very popular accessory for any smartphone, case for it can be made of different materials. The use for this purpose, a silicone elastomer, known for its outstanding dielectric properties, chemical inertness, resistance to UV radiation, strength, maintaining flexibility at temperature (including extreme) differences, has created a line of reliable and functional cases and for different models of smartphones Meizu.

Despite a number of structural and design differences, all made of silicone smartphone brand Meizu, shared different virtues, consisting in:
  • effective protection of the body of the gadget not only from scratches/scuffs, but from a more negative mechanical impact (mitigate the effects of blows, falls, etc.);
  • durability, making replacement use them throughout the life of the gadget;
  • ease (case, on average, weighs no more than 10 grams);
  • the minimum possible thickness (average – 0.3 mm);
  • flexibility easy to install/remove the accessory;
  • stability to temperature changes, allowing them as well to fulfill its function at any time of the year;
  • a very affordable price.

Ergonomic and stillnessontheway covers designed for various models of the Meizu peculiar ergonomics:
  • there are functional cutouts/holes for all the connectors/buttons for camera and speaker;
  • due to the thinness of the material, their dimensions practically did not increase, they also habitually come in handy;
  • they are tactile, not slip from the hands.

Each of the silicone cases Meizu is stylish, designer originality, hypoallergenic. They do not hide the gadget, just highlighting its benefits. Purchase this accessory at a reasonable and quite adequate to its quality price will allow the owner of the smartphone Meizu extend the life of your electronic companion, will make using them even more convenient.


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