Painless and completely safe removal of warts and other growths by laser

Ninety five million four hundred fifty five thousand nine hundred forty eight

Look closely at your body to determine the presence of moles, warts, papillomas and other entities. If they cause discomfort, it means that they are not harmless to health. In the clinic "Slattery" the wart in Nikolaev only after prior consultation of oncodermatology. A specialist can be reached on Saturday after appointment. This will allow accurately determine the status of tumors for effective treatment. The procedure, during which carried out the removal of tumors is performed with a laser. It refers to the section of aesthetic services center and is certified.

Why the operation is performed with a laser
The center employs specialists with higher medical education and experience in the field of plastic, aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. Employees have hands-on experience with laser machine and guarantee a positive result of such a procedure:
  • the skin is not injured;
  • the patient does not feel discomfort;
  • completely eliminates the possibility of a burn where it was laser removal of tumors;
  • scars also will not be.

Manipulation is done under local anesthesia. So pain in a patient are excluded. The only track that will remain on the former site of nevus, papilloma is a thin dry crust. But she's in a couple of days she will disappear, which would indicate complete healing. This means that the tumor removal with a laser is successful.

What procedures are available to visitors of the clinic "Slattery"low immunity and hereditary diseases indicated by the appearance of papillomas on the body. They violate the aesthetics of the skin and are signs of the possibility of cancer. Most often affects the following body parts:
  • neck area;
  • underarms;
  • breast;
  • face;
  • ever.

Before you begin the removal of warts, the patient will make tests and will advice oncodermatology clinic. Only the positive recommendations of the expert you can begin the procedure.

On the eyelids is also possible to manipulate it. The patient may not survive for bruises or swelling – they will not. Remain slightly dry crust. But its gone in 2-3 days.

If the body have large moles that cling to clothes or cause pain, they are also better to remove. Look carefully to the skin. Perhaps some spots have changed color or increased in size. Then the solution to the problem will be mole removal in the center of aesthetic medicine. The healing process after surgery is different. In any case, the dry crust that is impossible to tear off. Once dried the skin is completely disappear, there is a small pink speck. Here it is impossible to put the sun or to injure. You need to be protected until healing is complete when the color of the skin spot removal will not differ from the hue of the whole body.

Discomfort when walking deliver warts on the sole. First, they have the appearance of blisters and then covered with a thick skin, causing a painful sensation when pressed. In this case, is plantar wart removal laser clinic "Slattery". The method is considered efficient, modern and safe.


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