The nuances of selection of refrigerators

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a house or even a small modern apartment, in which there was no refrigerator. This is not a luxury but an absolute necessity, but not everyone knows how to get it right that he served for many years. It is not always advisable to buy a powerful and large units with large number of offices, walk-in freezer. They consume a lot of energy, require a special approach. There are more practical and popular model, for example, on the website presents a great diversity.

What to look for when choosing Before proceeding to the selection, you must determine the location of intended installation of the apparatus. Often people start only from the dimensions, but it is necessary to consider how indoor smooth floors and walls. Plus, it is worth considering the nuances of the opening door. In the open door must not interfere with the movement, it is desirable to provide indented at least 3cm from the rear and top. Even if space is extremely limited or, on the contrary, requires large model to store large volume of products, then all you need will be here. Other details of selection:
  • It is important to make the technique freely down the doorway when it is installed. Sometimes you have to move, so there should be no problems with possible transport of refrigerators in the future.
  • You also need to ensure that all family members will be comfortable to reach the most remote spots: top and bottom shelves of the freezer.
  • If you purchase the unit to a standard family consisting of three or four people, then the best option would be to take the model, the volume of which from 300 to 350 l. In the case of residence in a house or apartment larger number of persons is better to choose options with a volume of 500 l and more. On average, the formula provides that the number of people using the technique, multiplied by 120 years, then get the optimal amount. That is, for example, for a family of 2 people optimal amount will be approximately 250 L.
  • A freezer, one-part or without it. Them freezer and the refrigerator are in the same Department, but are differentiated through the door.

The easy models without defrost Need defrosting are long gone, because modern models allow you to abandon these manipulations. However, analogs with the defrost can still be found in the sale, they are cheaper, and enjoy a certain demand among those who cannot afford the more advanced model. Some users prefer a low but wide options, it depends on the layout of the space in the room.


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