She took a handful of beads... after 15 minutes coat looked stunning!

Before moving on to the decoration of outerwear, it should be noted that not all coats are amenable to decoration. For example, models with elaborate ruffles, large buttons and bright ornament not worth the extra to decorate. Additional ornament just lost among the bright accents of the clothing. The best option for decorating is a classical model of solid colors.

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  1. Embroidery
    Gentle unobtrusive embroidery is not only beautify coat or cloak, but also help hide small defects of fabric. This option is a great idea for those who have a sewing and embroidery machine. In manual embroidery it can be difficult when operating on thick tissue.



  2. Decor beaded
    This jewelry never goes out of fashion. The main task — to choose the color and texture of the ornament or figure. Decorate with beads, it is possible the collar, hem, and sleeves of the coat.



  3. Decoration buttons
    To give an unusual appearance to the old coat with bright buttons. This season is very fashionable decorative buttons with bright stones, crystals and rhinestones.


  4. Lace decor
    There is no combination better than fine lace and thick fabric. To decorate coat with lace, take two short sleeve lace braid for sleeves and one long — to hem. Also the lace can decorate belt, elegantly highlighting the waist line.


  5. Applique
    Before proceeding directly to the application, is to draw on paper the desired pattern and attach it to the coat. If it looks harmonious, you can begin to decorate the thing with a cloth.



See in this video how to transform the coat with fur!

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