Kurban Bayram in Moscow

70,000 Muslims gathered at the Cathedral Mosque on Prospekt Mira, on the day of Eid ul-Fitr in Moscow.
Citizens of Muslims started arriving in 6:30.

In the building of the mosque everyone just did not fit, and, as usual, took not only Prospekt Mira, but also the surrounding streets and tram lines. In this connection, the movement of cars and public transport was completely blocked. Street near the mosque blocked by special equipment for domestic purposes, mounted police, traffic police and internal troops. The number of law enforcement officers approaching the amount collected to the prayer of Muslims, mostly men.

Komunalschiki whose machinery is involved in the overlap of the surrounding streets, they say that after the event, where they do not work the first year, are mountains of garbage. In the past year have taken full KAMAZ, mostly paper: wall hangings, cut into rectangles, is replaced here by Muslim prayer rugs jai-prayer that is not at all.

At some point decided to push the crowd and the police had to simplify the procedure of inspection.

Although some still shmonali.


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